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Seemsan Pumps Seemsan Pumps
Seemsan Pumps
Seemsan Pumps
metallic & non metallic pumps, pollution control equipments, sump pump, submersible pump, dewatering pumps self priming pump, polypropylene pumps, chemical transfer pump, diaphragm pumps, motorised barrel pumps
Seemsan Pumps sewage pumps, multistage booster pumps, solvent pumps

Application Engineering

Seemsan Pumps specializes in application engineering and selection of right product for right application.


Seemsan Pumps & Equipments Pvt. Ltd. has been involved for the last 16 years, in marketing of chemical process pumps, portable dewatering pumps, rubberlined pumps and gear pumps and has been offering true solutions to customers needs. Most of the products dealt with by Seemsan are custom designed for specific applications.

In addition, Seemsan markets shaft seals, suction strainers, butter fly/damper valves, plating solutions, filtration systems & tower packing etc. Besides Seemsan also markets Air/ Water Pollution Control Equipments consisting of tanks, scrubbers, blowers, ducting, centrifuge pipes & fittings etc.

Seemsan offers customer-support services from highly skilled technicians within 24 - 48 hours of reporting.

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