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sump pump, submersible pump, fuel transfer pump, submersible sump pump, liquid transfer pump Chemical Process Pumps For Multifarious Application
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CRM (Cold rolling mills), ARP (Acid regeneration Plants), Pickling, CPL (Continuous Pickling Lines), ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant), Scrubber

Loading/ Unloading of Acid/ Alkali tankers, Transfer & Process.

Dyes & Intermediates
Filter press, Transfer of Slurries without disturbing particle size.

Power Generation
Water treatment, Acid/ Alkali transfer, Descaling of Boilers.

Pulp Paper
Handling Alum Sodium Hydrochloride and Caustic.

ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant)
Acidic/ Alkaline effluent.

Transfer of Bleaching Agents.

Etching of TV and monitor screens and circulation of elecrolites

Transfer of Acids, Technical solvents and corrosive chemicals.

Handling of Solvents, Acids & Chemicals.

Handling of fine chemicals & basic drugs

Anti Oxidising Agents

All Refinery and depots, loading, unloading and transfer of crude oil, L.D.O/H.S.D, Petrol, Furnace oil, LSHS. oil, HFO and petrolium products.

Loading, Unloading & Transfer of acids, solvents & oils.

Polypropylene Pumps | Metallic Pumps | Diaphragm Pumps | Gear Pumps
PVDF Pumps | Motorised Barrel Pumpset | Portable Submersible Dewatering Sump Pumps
Ball Valve | Gate Valve | Globe Valve | Piston Valve and Check Valve | Dosing Pumps
Sewage Pumps, Multi Stage Booster Pumps And Solvent Pumps
Rubberlined Centrifugal Horizontal Process Pumps

Polypropylene Equipment | Pollution Control Equipment | Pipes and Fittings for Corrosive Chemicals

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