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Motorised Barrel Pumps


  • Seal less design
  • Self Priming type
  • Light weight & hence portable
  • Barrel pumps with their versatility help to provide a complete solution to your fluid management needs
  • Modular design construction for easy maintenance
  • All components are interchangeable
  • Saves considerable time, labour, spillage
  • High standards of quality and safety ensures reliable performance for handling aggressive corrosive & flammable liquids.

stainless-steel-ss-316 Polypropylene Pump
Stainless Steel : SS316 Polypropylene with imported hastalloy- B2 Shaft PTFE (FEP/ PFA ( FEP/PFA Lined Pumps)) with Hastalloy - B2 or SS-316 Shaft
  • All wetted parts like pumping chamber, pump base, discharge tee, nozzle, wing nut, impeller are made of SS316 investment castings.
  • The outer & inner pipes are seamless type made of SS-316.
  • The shaft is made of SS-316 bright bar.
  • The guide sleeve and lip seals are made of teflon.
  • All wetted parts, outer & Inner pipes are made of Polypropylene.
  • The shaft is made of imported Hastalloy-B-2. (Containing 29% Molybdenum).
  • The impeller is made of ETFE (Moulding grade of FEP/ PFA ( FEP/PFA Lined Pumps)).

  • All wetted parts are fabricated from PTFE.
  • Outer & Inner pipes & Guide sleeve are made of pure FEP/ PFA ( FEP/PFA Lined Pumps).
  • The shaft is made of SS=316 or Hastalloy-B2.
  • The impeller is made of ETFE.
  • For almost all types of Solvents, Varnishes, Turpentine, Paints, Gasoline, HSD, Petroleum products, Chloroform, Drugs & pharmaceuticals, Degreasing agent, Phenol, IPA, LDO, Water treatment chemicals, Nitric acid, Phosphoric acid, Thermic fluid.
  • For highly corrosive liquids like conc., HCI, Dil H2SO4, HF, NaOH, formic acid, electroplating solution, photographic developers, salt solution, pesticides intermediates, toxic chemicals.
  • Suitable for all the said liquids.

Temprature: Sizes available: Operating Data:
  • Upto 120°C for SS-316
  • Upto 80°C for PP
  • Upto 240°C for PTFE
  • 1150 mm for standard 200/250 ltrs . barrels and shallow containers.
  • 750 mm for carbouy and Jerrycan application.
  • Capacity upto 110 LPM at open discharge.
  • Head upto 21 mtrs
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