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Swing Check Valve
(ASME 150 / ASME 300 CLASS)
multi stage pumps, booster pumps
Applicable Standards
Materials : Carbon Steel / Alloy Steel / Stainless Steel / Alloy-20 / Monel Hastelloy-B&C
Mfg. Std : BS 1863
Face to Face : ASME B 16.10
Testing Std. : BS 6755 / API 598

Hydraulic Test Pressure
150 425 PSIG 300 PSIG
300 1100 PSIG 800 PSIG

Lift Check Valve (ASME 800/ ASME 1500 CLASS)
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Applicable Standards
Materials : ASTM - A182 F304 / F-316
Mfg. Std : BS 5352/ API 602
Face to Face : ASME B 16.10
Testing Std. : API 598

Hydraulic Test Pressure
800 3000 PSIG 2000 PSIG
1500 5500 PSIG 4060 PSIG

Bolted cover body and cover of forged carbon steel A 105 plug type disc 13% chrome trim class 800 PSIG at 850 F for screwed or socket weld and class 600at 850 F for flanged design

Piston Valve

Hydraulic Test Pressure
150 425 PSIG 300 PSIG

multi stage pumps, booster pumps
Advantages of "GM" Piston Valve
  • Seatless, glandless sealing area-relatively large i.e.entire inner surface of ring.
  • 100% leak tightness assure
  • Piston-unexposed to media foreing matters swept away by descending piston valve rings are resilient.
  • No erosion of piston “durability”.
  • Special “GM” design with rings produces spring action.
  • Stays tight during Thermal expansion.
  • No leakage of toxic/aggressive media
  • Energy/cost saving”.
  • Replacement of rings makes valve new no lapping/grinding valve remains on line during maintenance.
  • Maintenance cost “negligible”.

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