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centrifugal fans, fume extraction & scrubbing systems, acid storage tanks, fume scrubbers, blowers Pollution Control Is No More A Problem
gas scrubbing systems, corrosion resistant cenrifugal fans tanks for corrosive chemicals, vessels for corrosive chemicals
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Pollution Control Equipments

Fume Extraction & Scrubbing Systems : -
  • For Toxic, Corrosive & Hazardous fumes.
  • Are designed, manufactured, installed & commissioned as per customer's requirements.
  • Made of Fibreglass reinforced plastics, Engineering plastics, Composites and Metals as per customer's needs.
  • Work for absorption, recovery & removal of HCL, SO2, NH3 , H2S, NOx, flue gas, solvents, odours etc.
  • Highly useful for pickling plants, pesticide formulation units, bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, chemical processing industries etc.

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Fume Extraction Scrubbing System

Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Fans :-
  • For Processing industries
  • Made of Fibreglass reinforced plastics, Engineering plastics and composite materials as per customer's needs
  • Volumetric flow rates upto 1,00,000 m/ hr and static pressures upto 600 mm WC.
  • For special applications and extreme operating conditions special designs can be developed.

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Centrifugal Fan

Gas Scrubbing Systems For Effective Control of Air Pollution :-
  • For various hazardous, toxic and corrosive gases like HCL, Cl2, SO2, NH3, H2S etc., dust particulates and various solvent vapours.
  • For large surface area wetted by a liquid over which the gas stream flows, wet packed scrubbers are used to absorb pollutant solute from the gas stream.
  • Customised packages available for removal & recovery of different gases and recovery of solvents and by-products.

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Gas Scrubbing System

Tanks, Vessels & Piping for Corrosive Chemicals :-
  • Fabricated from various thermoplastic, thermoset and composite materials
  • Equipment designed in various sizes as per various international standards
  • Extensively used for storing/processing various toxic, hazardous & corrosive chemicals
  • Expertise available in designing complete acid handling systems with minimum pressure drop required

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