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polypropylene sump pump, effluent transfer pumps, chemical effluent pump, vertical effluent pump, self priming pump Sump-Pump For Primary Effluents / Corrosive Liquids
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Vertical Seal Less Pump

Heavy duty engineered polypropylene sump-pump for primery effluents / corrosive liquids and scrubbing systems.

  • Zero maintenance pumps, eliminates the need for gland packing and seal
  • Leak proof and can run dry without damage of rotating parts
  • Pumps to be mounted out side the suction tank in vertical position and not to be submerged
  • Vertical gland less pump, similar in hydraulic design to any conventional centrifugal pump, it differs in, so far as restriction is provided, escape by way of an overflow connection in the upper pump body & return to the suction line
  • Preferred selection for E.T.P. Plant because of seal less design
  • Pump is seal less hence can run dry
  • Minimum component makes maintenance easy
  • Low maintenance cost and prolong life
Technical Specifications :
Model Suction in mm Delivery in mm Impeller Dia in mm HP RPM Head in M
Cap in m3/hr
VGL - 100 50 25 100 1 2900 7/11 8/9 10/6 11/5 12/3 13/00
VGL - 120 50 40 120 2 2900 10/24 12/20 14/16 15/12 16/08 18/00
VGL - 150 40 40 150 3 2900 24/00 22/3 20/5 18/10 15/20 10/26
VGL - 160 75 40 160 5 2900 31/00 26/12 25/15 20/25 15/30 10/35

  • Ideally recommended for transfer of treated effluent
  • No mechanical seal / glands, hence pump can run dry
  • Low maintenance cost and easy to maintain
  • M.O.C. PP - UPTO 550- 600 C
  • PPH - UPTO 90 01000 C
  • PVDF - UPTO 100 0 - 1100 C
We are fully committed to providing the finest pumps, the best engineering, the most effective customer service & the greatest after sales support possible.

VSP Pump
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Very Important

The entire carbon filled teflon bush bearing which is located in the back place must be submerged in the pumping fluid at all times.

Dosing Pumps
Dosing Pump
Dosing Pump

Accessories :
  • LDPE Tubling
  • Spring loaded injection valve
  • Self balanced Root valve
  • HDPE tank with level swifter
  • Antisiphoning / Back pressure valve
  • Automatic flow controller
Applications :
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  • Water and Effluent treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Controlled sampling of liquids
  • Antiscalent dosing
  • All pumpable chemicals in processes

Positive Metering

The vital parts in the SC- Series pumps are

» Housing
The robust, sturdy housing of our pump is made out of stainless steel, Hastalloy, Cast iron, Titanium etc. The selection of the material depends upon the liquid Characteristics.

» Stator
It plays a very important role in the overall performance & life of the pump It is made out of Natural rubber, Neoprine, Nitrile, Viton, PTFE, Hypalon.

» Rotor
Normally hardened and chrom plated or stainless steel. Also rotors can be made out of Hastalloys, PTFE, Titanium depending upon the liquid to be handled.

» Universal joint
Its a very specially designed so as to offer increased service life with absolutely low replacement cost.

Our SC- Series pumps are tested in a highly sophisticated testing arrangement to check the efficiency of each pump.

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