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AOD Series

Air-operated double diaphragm pumps can move anything from fine chemicals (gentle, non-shearing action), to abrasive and viscous slurries (no close-fitting parts, low internal velocities), and almost any other product that can move. A few of the thousands of products now being pumped:

  • Paints & solvents
  • Pigments
  • Resins
  • Construction water & waste
  • Beer & wine
  • Mine tailings
  • Chemicals
  • Oils & lubricants
  • Glues & adhesives
  • Dyes
  • Foods
  • Tanker loading/unloading
  • Marine barges
  • Ceramic slips, slurries & glazes
  • Latex
  • Driller's mud
  • Inks & printing liquors
  • Against filter press
  • Low density powders
  • Handling Barrels, Jerry Cans, Carbouys.

Versatile Performance

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  • Can run dry indefinitely without damage.
  • No shaft seals or gland packing.
  • Infinitely variable flow & discharge pressure from 0 to pump's maximum by adjusting air pressure.
  • Gentle non-shearing action.
  • If discharge is clogged or closed pump stops immediately; no power consumed, no heat, no wear. By opening discharge, flow starts automatically.
  • Operates submerged or with flooded suction.
  • Self-priming from a dry start.
  • Pressures up to 100 PSI (7 bar).
  • No close fit, sliding or rotating parts. Low internal velocity reduces wear.
  • Quick assembly/disassembly with split clamp bands.
  • Capable of pumping at high temperatures.
  • Quiet, steady discharge flow without use of pulsation dampener.
  • Safe for use in explosive environments. No electrical hazards or costly motor and control equipment needed.
  • No pressure relief or bypass piping required because pump pressure never exceeds air inlet pressure.
  • Pollution-free operation. The pump even improves air environment in confined areas.

diaphargm pumps
Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

The air valve directs pressurized air to the back side of diaphragm 1.  The compressed air is applied directly to the liquid column separately by elastometric diaphragms.  The diaphragm acts as a separation membrane between the compressed air and the liquid.  Driving the diaphragm with air instead of the shaft balances the load and removes mechanical stress from the diaphragm, dramatically extending diaphragm life.  The compressed air moves the diaphragm away from the center block of the pump.

The opposite diaphragm is pulled in by the shaft connected to the pressurized diaphragm.  Diaphragm 2 is now on its air exhaust stroke; air behind the diaphragm has been forced out to atmosphere through the exhaust port of the pump.  The movement of diaphragm 2 toward the center block of the pump creates a vacuum within chamber 2.  Atmospheric pressure forces fluid into the inlet manifold forcing the inlet valve ball off its seat.  Liquid is free to move past the inlet valve ball and fill the liquid chamber.

Why these Pumps Work Best

The heart of the Double Acting Air Operated Diaphragm Pump is the air valve which shifts the air supply to both diaphragms alternately with complete reliability under all conditions of head and flow. The air valve performs this function with a simplicity in design and serviceability.

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Exclusive Air Valve Assembly

Developed NON-STALL Shaft block and air valve assembly for trouble free operation even if moist air enters into the shaft block.
Please Click here for Non-Stalling Air Valve

Top Performance in the most rugged pumping jobs
Pumps give dependable, top performance in the most rugged pumping jobs. Up to 50% solids and over 30 m. are no problem for the Pump.

Material of construction

Diaphragms & NRV Balls are offered in different elastomers.
Neoprene / EPDM / Nitrile / PTFE / Hypalon

Accessories: 1)  F.R.L : Air Filter, Regulator and Lubricator are required in Air line to provide clean, moist free air at constant pressure to the pump. FRL also helps to lubricate air valve assembly (connecting shaft and piston). 2)  Needle valve in brass.
Size available 1/4", 3/8", 1/2".

HEIGHT : (in mm) 410 635 787
WIDTH : (in mm) 215 406 483
DEPTH :(in mm) 280 304 368
WEIGHT : (in kg.) 9.5 18 30
AIR INLET : (in BSP) 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"
SUCTION : (in mm) 25 40 50
DISCHARGE : (in mm) 25 40 50
SUCTION LIFT : (in m.) 3 3 4
Max. Solid Size. (in mm) 5 10 15

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