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STP Series

Performance range :

Capacity upto .............................. 12 m³/hr
Head upto ................................... 35 m.
Power upto ................................. 5.5 KW

Features :
  • High head low capacity pump.
  • Available in S.S.-316 INVESTMENT CASTING and Cast Iron with all wetted parts of S.S.-316.
  • Excellent for handling solvents from barrels and from tank farms to the charging vessels.
  • Seal leakage can easily be detected from window in priming chamber.
  • Pump can take negative lift from 3 to 5 meters.
  • Maintenance is easier, Drain arrangement is standard.
  • Compact design - requires less space, No grouting required.

Advantage at a glance :
  • Low NSPH required
  • Life lubricating bearings, covered from both the ends so minor leakage from pump side does not affect bearings.
  • Being a low speed (1450 RPM) pump, Less Maintenance is needed.
  • Installation is easier since motor required is vertical flange type and is directly coupled to the pump, coupling alignment is simpler.
  • Low overhang shaft arrangement giving minimum deflection at the seal faces.
  • Floating type impeller reduces noise and vibration.
  • Available only with mechanical seal (internal mounted), rotary faces of Carbon and Glass Filled FEP/ PFA ( FEP/PFA Lined Pumps) (GFT) are optional.
  • Seal cooled and flushed by process fluid itself.
  • Minor leakage at suction side does not affect pump performace.
  • Biggest advantage from installation point of view is that since it is an "in line" type pump, it can be fitted as a valve and hence it will not require any suction or delivery piping efforts.
barrel transfer pump, self priming chemical process pumps

Available with trolley for MOBILE application

Keeping in view the fastest growing demand for transfering various types of solvents from the barrels to the overhead reaction vessel in pharmaceutical, bulk drugs and other process industries. All models are developed with trolley for mobility.

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