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Rubberlined Centrifugal Pump

Rubberlined Pumps are very good acid handling pumps. These are available in a range of five models, developed with a main objective of attaining higher levels of corrosion resistant durability and interchangeability. These are simple in design, robust in nature and are very reliable.

Rubberlined Pumps are designed to cover the following :

Lining Material:
Hard Ebonite (Natural Rubber). Other lining like Neoprene, Butyl, Hypalon, etc. on request.

Operating Range:
Capacity upto 100 m3/hr. Head upto 50 mts. (Upto 5Kg/cm2 Pressure).
Flange drilling corresponds to DIN ND-10.
Flanges can also be drilled to BS-10 Table -D, Table -F & Ansi B -165 Lbs
Ratings on Request.

All wet end parts coming in contact with liquid pumped are either lined on Cast Iron or made from appropriate corrosion resistance Non-Metalics.

Rubberlined Pumps can be arranged for a V-belt drive or direct coupled from a motor mounted on a common base frame.

Salient Features
  • These are less expensive than more exotic Stainless Steel & High Alloy Pumps for identical service conditions.
  • Interchangeability of parts permits quick servicing of damaged parts in chemical plants & result in minimum spare part inventory.
  • Simple external axial adjustment for IMPELLER adjustment.
  • Standard dimensions cut layout design cost.
  • Standard foundations save installation, drawing time, talent & money.

Rubberlined pumps are used for the following application :
  • Con. HCI transfer.
  • Dilute H2SO4
  • Water Treatment
  • Effluent Treatment.
  • Filter Press for Dyes.
  • Lime Pump in CPW Plant
  • Staple Fibre Plant (Bleach Liquor)
  • Soft to Hard slurrier upto 3 mm size.

Rubberlined pumps are serving the following industries :
  • Chemical Industries
  • Dyes & Intermediates Industries
  • Paper & Pulp Industries
  • Sugar Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • Mines
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Textile Industries

Technical Specifications :
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Capacity : Upto 100 m3/hr
Head : Upto 40 mtr
Speed : 940 / 1450 /1810 / 2200
Temperature : Upto 80° C

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