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Sewage Pumps, Multistage Booster pumps and Solvent Pumps.

Ideal for sewage, industrial waste, liquids containing solid suspension, such as mash, pulps, beet shreds, etc. & muddy fluids of high consistency.

Vertical Dry pit Sewage pumps

These pumps are most suitable for :-
  • Drainage and irrigation installations
  • Sewage disposal for housing colonies basement, toilet blocks etc.
  • Marine installations
The basic advantages of these pumps are :-
  • Economy in floor space
  • Prime mover can be mounted at an elevation as shown or at a higher elevation. Higher elevation of prime mover is possible by adding extra adaptors, transmission shaftings and intermediate bearings. This reduces the risk of submerging the electric motor in case of accidental flooding of the dry pit.
  • Ease of maintenance. To dismantle, the mounting cover is to be unbolted from the casing after motor has been removed. The rotor assembly is drawn out upwards complete with stuffing box, bearing housing etc. This rotor assembly can then be completely dismantled at a convenient location. Due to the back pull out design, choking of the impeller can also be similarly, removed easily.


Self priming sewage pump is a highly precise and yet a very rugged unit.

The operation of the pump is as follows:
A. vacuum pump starts.
B. Water level in float chamber rises. Float rises and operates the level switch.
C. Vacuum pump shuts down and main pump starts. Whilst main pump is in operation and pump looses prime then the priming pump restarts to automatically maintain the prime. As soon as priming is completed, the vacuum pump shuts down and main pump goes on operating.

In case the level of product in the suction tank goes below the level of the suction line and pump looses its prime, the vacuum pump cuts in. The main pump continues to function for a predetermined time limit-approximately 2.5 minutes. After the predetermined time limit is over, the electric control panel shuts down the main pump motor.

The whole system is absolutely automatic and has been developed after long research, to give outstanding performance under arduous service conditions.

Sewage Pumps
Multistage Centrifugal pumps

For high heads at relatively low speeds
For fire fighting services
High rise building
Boiler feed
Water works
Booster service
Mine drainage

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Design Features
  • Rugged and simple in design
  • Maximum dimensional interchangeability
  • Wide choice of materials
  • Dynamically balanced impellers
  • Vibration free performance
The distinguishing features of these pumps are High Efficiency, Long Bearing Life and Adaptability to various operating conditions.

The pumps are built as multistage pumps upto 10 stages with horizontal suction and vertical delivery branches. The intermediate stages are designed to lead water from the outlet of one impeller to the inlet of the adjacent impeller with minimum of friction, resulting in high efficiency.

Special Designs

Twin Outlet and Triple outlet multistage pumps are also available. The intermediate delivery housings are of special design and can be arranged after any number of stages depending on the head required at the intermediate delivery outlet. Hence a single multi stage multi outlet pump can perform the function of two or even three separate standard multistage pumps. These pumps can also be made self priming by the addition of a primary stage.

Capacity : upto 720 m3/hr Speed RPM : 1450 / 960 R.P.M.
Total Deffrential Head : upto 30 m.w.c Motor (H.P.) : upto 100 H.P.

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